Monday, February 16, 2009

Scheduling Fail

So the hospital has implemented this new scheduling system, perhaps you've heard of a piece of shit called Clairvia? We're supposed to be able to put in requests off, days we want to work, etc, from anywhere. We can actually only do it at work, defeating much of the purpose of this useless application. In FireFox the links necessary to do anything but stare at the damn calendar don't show as links, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer show an untrusted certificate, saying it's insecure, and from a home connection it very well could be. But also in IE and Chrome you are prevented from using your login credentials. No matter what I do, there's no way to properly log in with IE, and Chrome doesn't even give you the chance.
I see this as a huge waste of money. Training for this application was almost nonexistent, none of the employees understand or enjoy this, even the ones who understand don't enjoy it, and they don't understand why they must request for days to work. The manager is still in charge of scheduling, so you're never guaranteed anything, the fact that staff inputs requests and the manager still handles staffing is redundant and a waste of resources.

Personally I'll be happy when I find a job in my field, as I've always looked forward to, but demand for IT jobs is already down this year, unless I want to learn programming, which I don't, because I don't like math.

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