Saturday, January 3, 2009

Time to Get the Money

So I'm sick of my job, no secret there. Not that I've ever enjoyed it. I'm almost done with school. I was thinking of working for the Geek Squad, aside from the fact that there are horror stories about them, it's right up my alley, helping people with their computers, hands on work with computers, and just maybe I'd have some intelligent coworkers. After looking at their prices I think that's a big no.

$140 to install a stick of RAM, plus hardware costs. Let's break that down.

Let's pretend Best Buy is generous and pays me $12 an hour because I'm just so damn good looking. I get told to drive the Geekmobile out to Joe Customers house to install 512MB of RAM in his computer. Geek Squads website says this will take about an hour (are you fucking serious! I can put 2, that's right, TWO! sticks of RAM in a computer in like 5 minutes, eat it bitches!). Anyways, I get out to Joes house. I go inside, power off his computer, unplug everything, disassemble the case, take old RAM out if necessary, install 512MB stick, put it all back together, power it on, and ensure his OS recognizes the RAM, hand him his bill, and get on my merry way. That was not an hour, that was a matter of minutes. But let's be kind and say he lives on the outskirts of town, in my town, from my Best Buy, that's maybe a 10-15 minute drive one way, 10-15 minutes back, and 5 minutes there, plus maybe another 5-10 for friendly chat. So let's be nice and round it up to 1 hour, I get $12 bucks for that, while Best Buy gets $140, plus the $50 for the 512MB of RAM, how screwed am I?

Meanwhile, I could do this, by myself, as an individual, and charge Joe maybe $50 plus hardware costs, maybe throw in a few extra services like defragmenting his hard disk or something, after all I'm trying to make a name for myself and I want repeat business.

I've canceled my Best Buy application halfway through, not only are they ripping off customers, but they're ripping off employees as well. I understand that everyone has to make money in this situation, but that's just ridiculous. I already have two people here at work wanting me to look at their computers, and I'm happy to do it. I've decided that I'm going to work up a price list of basic services, for any "mystery" problems, like "my computer keeps acting funky" I'll charge maybe $15 to $20 an hour. I'll make decent part time money and still be a lot cheaper than Best Buy.

Now I just need to know what to call my little endeavor. I've tossed around the idea of Nerd Corps. before, which I thought was quite the clever shot at Geek Squad. Anyone have any ideas? Does anyone read this? I can just write whatever the hell I want can't I? I would write something quite disturbing yet oddly funny, but I can't think of anything.... frosty nipples.

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