Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Victory Lost. And Other Happenings.

So let's get up to speed shall we?

The rodent, my great no so grand finale. My loathing for this petulant pestilence has not let up one bit. A couple of weeks ago I brought mouse traps home, not just any mouse trap, but those new D-Con ones that the little bastard is supposed to crawl in and it starts spinning mad. I don't know how it works inside, but I had fantasies. I imagined perhaps somewhere inside was a panel much like a cheese grader, and upon it's great rotation it would mince my scurrying little friend much like a TV chef does to tomatoes with a pneumatic ginsu blade. Or perhaps it spins for a long time, similar to the Gravitron or whatever ride you have in your distant lands that spins and sticks you to the inner walls, anyways, I was hoping perhaps this little black puck would spin, causing such centrifugal force that Ben would be crushed by the centrifugal forces of the device.

Alas, it seems Jack Filty has won. You see, when I set the traps out, he chose to not venture out into my home, which unless his definition of the word varies much different from the human form, is not very hospitable. No no, instead, he took refuge somewhere in my wall, or perhaps in the flooring under the dishwasher, and died. Some would say "hey, at least you got rid of him". How wrong they would be, I did not get rid of him, he got rid of himself, thus robbing my of my victory dance. Our war of wits has come to an end, and he defeated me. Granted he didn't invite his buddies over for some hip house party, but still, my traps lay, entrance ways agape, with tasty peanut butter at it's dark core, waiting to be nibbled on and being it's dark work on such a fool as would enter such a foreboding contraption.

All is peaceful however, now that the smell of death is gone, I tore up everything I could to find the corpse, but it was for naught, as vermin have a tendency to get into nooks and crannies man cannot possibly reach.

Let's see what else there is, my computer is coming along nicely, here's my parts list:
Raidmax Smilodon Dirktooth case
Asus 750i SLI Motherboard
Nvidia 8800GT Graphics Card
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
G-Skill 4GB RAM
Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive
Pioneer DVD Drive

I'm still hunting for a video card, see, that one went up in price this week, the week I planned to order it. I may still get it, but now that it's higher I'd like to find the same or better at a similar price. So far I have the case and motherboard. I'm pretty irritated that I have to buy a new copy of Windows Vista Home Premium for it. I was hoping to install the same copy that's on my laptop. Oh well, I'll pick up the OEM edition for only $99.

The house hunt goes well, as far as house hunting can go. There's always a detail that bothers one of us, but out of all we've looked at there are two that we like right now, and we have plenty more to go see. School is good, I'm in my last term, and I got a sweet toolkit. I'll try to get pictures of that up, as well as pictures of the PC I'm building.

I think it's time to take some medicine and take a shower, my head is killing me, as usual.

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