Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rodentfest 2008: Part Threux

OK, so threux probably isn't a word per se, but I like it, it indicates three, with the cleverness of deux.

I still haven't relocated him, I believe he is hiding from me, sensing my malicious intent. I've emptied out the bottom part of the cabinet, and lifted the bottom of it where the dishwasher tubing runs, I see no solid evidence, as sawing and drilling was involved to get the dishwasher hooked up, I can't be for certain that he's been down there. The only hole is quite small, so he's either quite the little contortionist, really tiny, or somewhere else within the cabinetry.

I would have emptied the top part of the cabinet, but I learned that our junk drawer has fallen apart, and what's left of the drawer is resting on a waffle iron, pizza cooker, and other kitchenwares. I have no doubt that the foul mouse has destroyed my junk drawer, in a vicious plot to keep me not only from my junk, but deny me the pleasure of delicious pizza and mouth watering waffles.

Since his retreat, no doubt to gather his forces and perhaps gain ammunition, I'm assuming he has thus won the battle, attacking my precious cooking apparatus by surprise much as a ninja would, if a ninja wanted to deprive you of precious food. The war is far from over, as soon as Ashley is awake to keep guard, I'm off to the store to buy traps, and demand that the maintenance guy come well armed to destroy the vile menace.

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