Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rodentfest 2008: Part Deux

I'm not sure if he got bored or if it decided to attempt to claim new territory that should be mine to begin with, but the sound of scratching and rummaging through my cooking essentials seems to have ceased, perhaps he knows I put my shoes on in preparation to curb stomp him if he pokes his head out. I was planning on giving myself a much needed shave and much wanted shower, but I wonder where he went, since he's no longer in my cabinet, he's probably in my sink flossing or applying an exfoliating scrub or some shit.

I'm still not sure what Ashleys reaction to this mouse-capade will be, perhaps she will think we should safely trap the little fucker, put him in a fish tank with some cheese or some shit, or maybe she'll freak out and camp out on the table until she's sure the fleshy tailed demons have been exorcised. I say we pummel him with whatever we can find and use him in a festive wreath.

Also, I thought about grabbing my winter boots, ya know, Bee Movie style, and crawling into the cabinet to bludgeon him, but due to the size of said cabinet, I don't have room to gain the momentum for said bludgeoning. Not only do I not have the room for precious momentum, but I'm sure as soon as I stuck my melon into the cabinet, I'd see a single sliver of saliva, only to look up and see him perched above me, prepared to lock my head in its slavering fangs.

Uh oh, he's either moved on to another part of the kitchen, and is now tapping, in morse code fasion, to inform his friends of the many marshmallow filled cereals I have... or there could be a bug flying around my kitchen light, keeping bugs out this place is hard... although apparently not near as hard as vile mice!

Update: It's obviously not a damned bug, although it could be to the uninformed, but after looking, there are no bugs near my light, so he's obviously sending for reinforcements somewhere near my fridge, which is where he must have built his fortress.

Update: I still stand by the theory that the scout is sending out morse code, but the tapping I hear is actually a fight between a spider and some bug that flew in last night, I didn't see it because it's under the kitchen cabinets not far from the sink. Apparently the spider is trying thunderclap the bug?

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