Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mouse-a-palooza... Or some shit.

So heres the latest development. The mouse is damn good at hiding, he either has active camo or is hiding under my bed, waiting to attack the delicious morsels that are my toes. The manager claims I must have brought the mouse in. Let me inform you of something, I am not a dirty person, and I'm quite sure, that as I was packing things up, I would noticed a fucking mouse sitting in my sock drawer or whatever. No no, this bastard is certainly no stowaway, he is a pure intruder, and has intruded upon my turf, thus starting a war with mankind, and apparently I've been appointed the roles of both ambassador and super soldier of the human race.

I'm still waiting for mouse traps, I've realized that I shouldn't have to buy traps, I mean, I'm not paying this asshole $500 a month to find shit in my Maxwell House.

The good/bad news, is that we may have found a house. We were helping some friends get moved, and the house across from them is for sale and pretty nice, needs new appliances, and by new I mean it needs appliances that weren't built sometime in the Old Testament. The kitchen has one wall that needs to be painted, and there's one room that needs carpet, other than that it's great. We're going to talk to my mom, because I don't know the first thing about buying a house, as far as I'm concerned escrow is a big damn bird, and mortgage is marriages ugly step cousin. The bad news of that is we'll be moving yet again.

Anyways, pray for me friends, I'm going to be one pissed off Pwn4g3 if I wake up with the black plague or some shit.

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