Thursday, May 8, 2008

Let's Go See Some Animals!

We're going to the Tulsa Zoo this weekend, Olivia is excited. I'm excited. We're hoping to stop by the aquarium, too, but not sure if we can afford it. I'm so excited to have a weekend off!

I talked a bit about Tribes in my last post, I found some community servers, and the people playing, well, they've been playing since about 1998, so saying they rule the map is an understatement. I decided I should try to round up some old gaming buddies before I venture back into that game. I've also go the urge to play StarCraft again... man that was good shit.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a spectacular game. For once the world feels authentic, people mosey about, and they're not just walking around, people are shopping, getting laundry out of their cars, buying hotdogs from the street vendor, talking amongst themselves about the hot topic in the news. It's not the greatest game ever, but to experience an almost fully realized virtual world first hand, to be able to do anything you please, buy clothes, surf the internet, drive around, talk to random people, buy a shitty burger from a street vendor, sure it doesn't sound great, but it is... it's another great step forward in game development.

I'm going to start using Panoramio to tag pictures. This is a great service that will let you see pictures in Google Earth. I'll have links soon, I've got way too many photos to tag right now, and they'll all be either at Mom's house, our old apartment, or here.

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