Monday, April 14, 2008


We're in, most things are in their place, internet is turned on, thanks to The shower finally works, they had to solder on the faucet. The bathroom sink has pitiful water pressure. Management claims it's due to the tankless water heater. I don't see how that's possible, since the water pressure in the kitchen sink is fine, the dishwasher runs fine, and the shower runs fine. I don't buy that crap. We need to get a better shower head, too. The one we have right now just doesn't put out the pressure I want.

I'm hoping to get Call of Duty 4 soon, but I also have to renew my Xbox Live subscription. I have to pay about $50 as opposed to $35, $50 is the norm. was offering a one year subscription to XBL for $35, but Fedex screwed up my shipment, again, so now I can't get it for that price. I'm not using Fedex again, considering they've never made an attempt to deliver any of my packages to me.

Does anyone still play Tribes? I've missed that game lately, but I can't find any active servers. I know the old master servers went down some time ago, but I can't even find an open community server.

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