Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pay Up Suckas!

So those of you reading, all 2 of you, have probably noticed I've put some advertisements here. I don't plan to weigh everything down with hideous ads or stupid click me scams. But everyone has to make money. I have a job, but I'm hoping to get a little extra on the side, it's tough being a young parent without a college degree.

I want to assure anyone that I'm not any kind of sell out, I will only put ads up to things that I myself support, such as Firefox, Google Pack, Jinx, Thinkgeek, and who knows what else I may find that I want to share with the world. I know, I could share it with the world by simply putting links up, but as stated, I'm hoping to get a little extra money.

Why I need all this money? Well, I want to go to college, further my education and get set in a career path, my girlfriend wants to do the same, we're also FINALLY moving out of my parents house soon, and bills aren't cheap, neither are babies. We want to start saving up for Olivia because we want her to have a promising future, she's a child, she deserves it.

Let's talk about my current ads. We'll start with Google Pack. I thoroughly enjoy Google Pack, I frequently use all programs contained in it. The only thing I don't use is Adobe Reader. It's a very large and slow PDF reader. I prefer Foxit, much smaller and faster. I'm actually qutie gaga for Google. But I detest the Web Accelerator, it's really the only piece of junk I've seen from Google.

Let's move on to Firefox. This subject is a bit of a controversy. Firefox is a free web browser. There are those diehard IE fans and Opera fans, as well as the lesser known browsers, but that discussion is for another day. They all have their ups and downs, but I prefer Firefox.

It's very fast and secure, it's not filled with loopholes that IE has(or had, take your pick). It's infinitely customizable, want it to look flashier? Want it to show your Christmas spirit? No problem, it has themes out the wazoo. Looking for goodies so you don't have a ton of programs running at once? It has messenger add ons, weather, news, games, everything you can think of, and some you can't think of. Add Google Toolbar and it's unstoppable. One sign in gets you intant access to your blog, Gmail, favorites, weather, calendar, the hole shebang. It has autofill form settings, security, bookmark syncing, it just rocks. If anything, you should at least take it for a spin, I don't know how many browsers I've gone through, and I've used my fair share of toolbars as well.

Next up is Jinx. I love Jinx.com. They mostly sell clothes, for gamers, geeks, hackers, nerds, that whole group of people. I've bought so much stuff from there it's insane. You can even make money at Jinx, submit ideas for a geeky shirt and if they use it, they pay you. They never accepted any of my designs, so I just keep sending them back in in hopes that one day my idea will be on a T-shirt.

Thinkgeek.com is similar to Jinx in selling clothes aimed at, well, geeks. It has a different variety, but it also sells oh so much more. You can buy a watch that displays the time in binary, or has a screen to watch movies on. You can buy USB missile launchers. They have geeky books, calendars, gift wrapping paper, necklaces, drinks, all kinds of great goodies. It really must be seen, even if your not the techy type, it's something to look it, some of the stuff anyone can use.

I think that's it, I just wanted to get that out. Have no fear, you won't see any Bed Bath and Beyond ads, or any Punch The Monkey schemes. Just links to things I support and use myself.

I want to make it clear that I'm not telling you to click on these ads, and I'm not actually saying the ads I'm displaying are better than others, Firefox may not be better than IE or Opera, it's a matter of opinion (only because I won't go into all the facts). Either way it's a bit of a toss up.

I don't collect revenue from every ad on my page, so if you click on a certain one, it does nothing for me, it only takes you to that website.

I just wanted to get it out in the open that I'm not trying to convince anyone to click, and yes I may be drawing attention to those ads, but I plan on contacting those ad providers to make sure I'm allowed to do it. Otherwise I'll edit this post.

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