Friday, March 30, 2007

Packing and Moving.

Yep, I'm still moving all my crap into the new apartment. It's actually kinda big, but it will look and feel much smaller once everything gets in, especially my small country sized entertainment center. I'm hoping to find a nice, small, TV stand that will hold all my stuff, and has doors on it to keep Olivia out. I decided against a corner TV stand because I want my surround sound setup to be perfect, which requires a centered television. We still have to find an affordable couch cover, because the couch we have is fricking hideous.

What does indeed suck is that I have to go buy more speaker wire, as I simply do not have enough to wire that living room, I barely had enough to do my bedroom here at home. Also I may have to get another fiber optic cable, as the one I have simply doesn't fit well into the 360, why? Because it's a damn Radio Shack cable.

I went to see about finding a grill for my balcony, grilling seems like a good idea, grill up some cow, or whichever animal(s) are contained in hot dogs, have a beer, and enjoy some gaming goodness, or just watch Scrubs season 1, I picked that up recently.

I think we can afford to get internet like... now, so I'll see how much the setup fee is and shit. Actually, the part that makes it hard to afford is buying a cable modem, but it's better than the cable company renting one to us for an extra $5 a month. The wifi signal there is serviceable for basic browsing, but it's certainly not going to work out for my power surfing and online gaming. Crackdown is laggy enough as it is, I'm not about to get real lag.

I'm really bummed about the Xbox 360 Elite ordeal... see, if I wasn't moving out, I could afford one, but I'm moving out, so I can't, thus my dilemma. I could rush out and buy one, but then I would have to cut back on certain costs, such as skipping a meal a day, or I could make my own soap... I don't know. It's really not a bad price, it's cheaper, than the 20gb PS3, and beats the hell out of the 60gb. But even with a weak HD, the 360 still beat the PS3 in my opinion. The PS3 is capable, it's potential just hasn't been utilized, that's for another day though.

I'd love the Elite 360, do I need it? Hell no I don't, do I want it? You bet your jiggly ass I do. I want 120gb HD goodness, I want me a sexy black exterior on my console, I want HDMI output so that when I get an HDTV, I'm estimating I can afford one sometime before I turn 60, I can use it. Of course I also want HD-DVD built in, a 65nm chip, and built in Wi-Fi. But I can live without those.... well, I may need that 65nm chip... that's like living without a kidney, or something.

So I'll be picking up Guitar Hero 2 this week, pretty excited about that. Normally I couldn't afford it, but I have a $25 gift card to Best Buy, plus a $10 off coupon, so that cushions the blow alot. I just wish it had online play, but it's okay. I just hope they release a separate controller for it sometime soon, then maybe I can find a controller for my PS2 version for dirt cheap, then the fun will be endless!

Rock oooooooooooon!

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avcr8teur said...

Hi, I saw your post on blogexplosion. How's the moving going? I moved out on my own at 20 and it was the best experience of my life. Hope you will have the same.