Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm In.

So we got moved in, almost everything is in it's place. It's certainly different. I've been living with my mother for my entire life, she's all I've ever had, and now I'm not there, it just feels so weird. I'm not afraid to admit I cried a couple of times... yes, I'm a momma's boy. It really is kinda nice though. I had enough speaker wire to hook up my surround sound, we managed to get everything put up how we wanted, the balcony has a very nice view of the playground, we don't have to pay for garbage pick up, and it's only five miles from my work.

I'll have internet and cable on the 10th, I can't wait. It gets boring, there's just never anything good on basic TV, just stupid soap operas and crap. I'm getting 3mb internet service through cable, which is much better than the 1.2mb DSL I had at my mom's house, so that's certainly a plus.

Speaking of Mom's house, I went by there today, it's so different, my room is so clean and looks so big. The smells and feel of the air of everything are so familiar, which didn't surprise me. What surprised me is that I noticed them... I never realized that there was a particular "home" smell. I'm sure if I stayed at home for a long time, my apartment would smell different yet familiar. I guess every place has that, I just didn't really notice it. It's one of those things that kinda wake you up... I'm not sure what it woke me up to, but it did wake me up.

I think that's all I've got, so to keep you entertained I have pictures and a video or two.

This is the apartment as we were moving in.

We're almost totally in.

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bungi said...

I agree about the smell thing. Yeah. Each place seems to have its own smell. After i moved in my apartment, i had to wait a few days for the previous owners smell to get out and my home smell to take over. Well, cant explain it, but it is part of making it feel like home - your specific home smell... Oh, i have been sensitive to it for quite a long time.