Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hotel, Motel, You Know The Rest... Or Do You?

So here I sit at my job. Not my cool job, my crappy job. I work at two hotels. One of these hotels, let's call it Shitty 8, treats me like crap. I work at another place, let's call it Good Days Inn. The owner of Good Days Inn once owned Shitty 8, back when it was Super Damn Cool 8. But he sold it, and I just went with the property. So the owners of the now Shitty 8 have severely cut my hours, I went from 40-48 hours per week, to 16 per week. They also stuck me with the morning shift, I sit here all day and watch either the Weather Channel or CNN. I know, many think "but you get to watch TV, and blog at work". No no, see, tomorrow is my last day, so I really have no fear of being fired. My two weeks notice was put in... well, two weeks ago. If they fire me now, they have to hand me my paycheck upon termination.

These people have no clue how to run a hotel, they have not hired a replacement for me, nor have they altered the schedule so that someone will work my shifts. But I don't care. When I'm gone, this place can burn to the ground, hell, I wish it burned to the ground while I was here, just so I could watch those glorious flames of Hell engulf this wretched hive.

I'm one of three "original" employees, I've trained all of the new hires, the owners and managers have NO idea how to operate the computer system, I mean c'mon, who really wants to learn KDE? Not that they know what KDE is.

So as I sit here, perusing my Penny Arcade volumes 1 and 2, the migraine caused by the repetition of the Weather Channel grows ever more profound. I got here at 7:00am, which is just too damn early for me, I was up late the night before, I work the evening shift at the "Great Days Inn". So getting off work there at night, barely sleeping, then waking up in a stupor to come here is not good for me. I have to great to the other hotel when I leave here, but at least I'll get a break for a couple of hours.

The management here at the Shitty 8 is quite upset that I'm leaving them for the competition, they have made this apparent when they refused to verify my employment so that I may get an apartment. They have suddenly added to the duties of the weekend morning shift... which is me and me only. These are not duties, these are ramifications for leaving them for their rival. It's ok, I really don't do it, these people will not provide a good reference, they don't pay me well, they don't treat me well, so why should I stay?

At the other hotel the owner treats me like a friend, we still have a strictly business relationship, but it's more laid back, he lets his employees do what they will, but as soon as a customer walks in the door, they are to be as professional as possible. He watched Dawn of the Dead with me there, on the business computer, he didn't like all the blood, but thought it was a good movie, we paused/muted/minimized as soon as someone was about to walk in the door. He offers bonuses based on how much money he makes.

The owners here at Shitty 8 claim the same, whichever employee has the highest monthly sales gets a week paid vacation, but that is biased, as morning shift makes a maximum of 5 sales a day, almost always less than that. It's been over a month since someone has even walked in wanting a room before 3:00pm.

Some of you may say "that's such a cake job". And it is, it's simple, I'll admit it, I don't do a damn thing. But imagine waking up earlier than normal, to go somewhere and sit to the monotony of possibly the most boring television network created. Picture yourself working at a poorly paying job, with nothing to do, a gas station perhaps... or even a hotel... I could relate this easier to someone working tech support. Now imagine you get a job offer from Google, they let you do virtually everything you want, as long as the job gets done in a professional manner. That's basically what I'm doing, sure it doesn't have all those ridiculous perks, but it's still a vast improvement.

Oh I'm too tired to continue, if it's a slow day over at the good job, I may add another post

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