Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baby Thief!

So I'm chilling at work, bored as usual, watching CNN... I see this quite humorous video of some idiot driving his minivan through a mall... he crashes through the door late at night, and just starts cruising around the second floor. At about this time I'm thinking "today is gonna be a good day".

Then the news anchor looks to camera 2. A woman in Lubbock Texas posing as a nurse entered a maternity ward, and stole a 3 day old baby. What is this woman's purpose? She takes this baby out of the hospital in a handbag. Which can't be good on a baby, I know, I have a baby, they need proper support. Second, this baby has jaundice, which requires medial attention in infants.

This "woman" I use the term VERY loosely, the proper word is MONSTER, deserves no punishment of legal definition, she deserves punishment of the inflamed emotions of the friends and family of the mother. Some people will say "violence leads to more violence" and all that crap, but look at what this woman did, she posed as a nurse, stole a 3 day old baby in need of medical supervision, and is now hiding out. The police have stated they want her to take the baby to a store, a post office, any medical facility, and she can then run. This 3 day old child will never pick her out from a line-up, so what's stopping her?

Inhumanity, this creature is a beast of such frightful fears that she won't even bother to save the childs' life. She won't put the mothers' pain at ease, she won't reassure friends and family that everything will be alright with this baby. That's not her being scared of being caught, that's not her being selfish, that's her being cruel, it's showing that she's a monster.

The woman allegedly drives a 2000-2006 red Dodge pickup, with black trim, and dark window tint. The full story can be found via CNN at this LINK.

In an interview with a doctor, the physician said the baby will be easily identifiable because the whites of the eyes will not be white. Due to the juandice the whites of the eyes are in fact yellow, and I'm not saying they're not exactly white, they're lemon colored. There is a video at the link above, and the Lubbock County PD has released a composite sketch of the woman. If you can't find it at CNN, you can contact LCPD and they will provide it for you.

I have a child, and I have no doubt in my mind that you either have a child or know someone who does, so imagine if it was them, or you. If you claim you don't care, imagine this... what if it was you... imagine if all those years ago you were stolen from your mother who brought you into this world.

My main intention is for the child to be returned home safe, that's the top priority. But if this vile beast can be found, I think she should be thrown to the lions so to speak. Set amongst a crowd of people, locals, travelers, others who have taken an interest, and let them cast their strongest punishments upon her.

There are other people who do things just as bad or worse and they deserve the same. If you make your bed, you better lie in it.

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