Thursday, March 8, 2007

American Owned?

So I'm bored at work, and start looking up info about the hotel I work at. As I'm perusing opinions... I notice a trend, everyone that was not happy with their stay, for whatever reason, stated "Not American Owned" as a complaint... what on Earth are you talking about? Last time I knew, all of the Indian-Americans who work/own the hotels around here, are legal American citizens. They speak English perfectly, although with a deep accent, they are perfectly understandable.

I recall one day a woman was upset because we didn't have an elevator (more on the elevator later), my manager's wife was here at the time. The woman asked if every hotel here was "owned by fucking Pakistanis". That's just ignorant. This woman, who looked as though she was probably alive during the time of Dr. King, was using race as an insult. What is this country coming to?

If you were to look at every race with a microscope, you would see no difference in any of us... we're all the same, but we all look and think different. I'm by no means saying whites, blacks, browns, yellows, reds, oranges, all think different as a race, I'm saying we all think different as a people.

This is America, the great melting pot... we invite diversity, we offer freedom to those who don't have it, and we always have. If you really don't want Mexicans, Africans, French, German, Japanese, Indians, etc here, then get out of this country... racist's are the ones who shouldn't be here. Go to England, or Russia, or Germany, if you think white people are the best, go live where they are the majority.

I don't want anyone thinking I'm against whites though, I am white. Color doesn't mean a damn thing to me, judging books by their cover.

What possesses people to look at someone and say "that person doesn't look like me, so I'm obviously better than them." Wake up people, we're all different, but no matter the color, religion, size, sex, we're all human beings with emotions and thoughts. You need to get out of the past.

So, where was I? Oh yes, the elevator... so in closing, the government won't provide funding for an elevator in a two story building, and elevators are excruciatingly expensive.

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