Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Know You Missed Me.

Well, it's been quite some time since I've posted. Busy busy busy. Let's see, my 360 finally made it back. I was hoping I would get a replacement with HDMI and a new 65nm GPU, but no luck, got mine back, I know Microsoft replaced the disc drive, I think they replaced the fans as well... the original heatsink is still there, which kind of boggles the mind if you keep up with the Xbox 360 Red Ring issue.

I got Army of Two, spectacular game to play with a friend. I don't feel like putting up a full review. I also got Guitar Hero 3, that was part of my Valentines Day present, I've been playing that a lot as well.

I've been shopping for an HDTV, for awhile I could only find them in the $590+ range, but recently Office Depot had an Olevia 32 inch LCD for $489; I just couldn't pass that deal up. It doesn't have fiber optic or coaxial out, but that's fine for the price, the picture is amazing, now I really wish my 360 had HDMI output. I also had to buy a new entertainment center to fit the TV.

Ashley had her birthday a few weeks ago, Mom got her a pink controller for the 360, my grandma got her a pink rechargeable battery for it, I renewed her subscription to Xbox Live, and she got some shirts and a gift card I think.

We're moving. We're going to move into the apartments that Ashley's mom lives in. They're newly remodeled, hardwood laminate floors, tile in the kitchen and bathroom, huge living room, electric tankless hot water heater, it's nice. The big issue is that we can't have satellite there, and they don't have hookups for a washer or dryer. See, cable sucks, end of story, satellite is higher quality, and offers a shit ton more channels for less money. As far as the washer and dryer go, I'm not looking forward to going outside, downstairs, to pay a dollar per load per machine to do laundry, and they're not even full size machines. I'm not looking forward to doing that in the middle of winter. I'm also not stoked about the fact that it's $55 higher than what we're paying now.
I'm fine with where we are, but we'll probably get evicted, somehow going to school for 4 hours a night 4 nights a week equals full time student. For some reason we can't live here if we're full time students. Why the shit do they care as long as they're getting their damn money?
Anyways, I'm really hoping my Great-Uncle can find us a nice house instead, affordable houses that didn't come from war torn third world countries are hard to find here. what can I say. It's a nifty little social network (i.e. Myspace, Facebook) tailored to gamers. Although gaming networks have come and gone, this one almost seems to have some longevity. It's not a direct copy of any network already out, has some nice features, and seems to have a large community, even if most of them are the teabagging cockbites I find daily in Halo. Still, it could work out, I'm just testing the waters, so don't get shocked if that banner goes away soon.

I'm starting to get burnt out at work. We're all gonna die, but nobody likes to dwell on the fact. I'm not scared of death, I'm scared of ending up like some of the people I see there. They're in such horrible condition, whether it be self neglect, neglect from caretakers, or a medical condition, that they can't take care of themselves, and are just a wasted existence. I'm not trying to be mean, but how can you justify living if you can't feed yourself, you have no idea if you've shit yourself, you can't talk, you're missing multiple limbs, and the other limbs don't even work? I couldn't go on.
There's also the fact that it kills my schedule. I work 12 hour overnights Fri-Sun. I sleep all day Monday, wake up, go to class, come home, go to bed, then try to have a normal week. But I'm always tired anymore, I'm just absolutely lethargic and fatigued. Things I used to do, walk down and get mail, make a cup of coffee in the morning, play with Olivia, seem like straining chores now, I just don't have the energy.

I'm not being lazy, being lazy requires for me to simply not do something, basically because I don't give a vermin's ass. I want to get up and do shit, it's just exhausting now. I don't let things go undone, but dear Lord it wears me out now, I feel like I'm 80. But there's nothing out there that can keep bills paid.

I think the job is killing me, I feel so down and out all the time, I have no energy, and because of this feeling that has washed over me since the job I'm missing out on family time. Sure I have no problem sitting around watching TV and playing video games, but shit needs to get done at home, and my family needs me, and I need them. I can't enjoy family and get things done if I'm just vegetating because my job has sucked the life out of me.
I can boost myself for short periods from time to time, run on "cheery" mode for an hour or so, but then I just go right back where I was to begin with.

I'm just in a general down mood. The family cat, Baloo, is finally nearing his end. I know some may think it's silly to get emotional over a cat, but kiss my pasty ass. He's around 17 years old, he's my favorite cat, and he's part of the family. I'm going to miss him dearly, I get choked up and teary eyed just thinking about visiting Mom's and Baloo not being there.

Ya know, getting your feelings on paper, or online I guess, does feel a bit better. Still not the cure I'm looking for.

Until next time, watch out for the finger pistols. Pew Pew!

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