Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Videos

Alright people, finally got some new videos up on I'll add as many as I can tonight, and try to get some on Youtube. I'm doing this at school while waiting for Ashley to get out of class, so I can't make any promises on tonight. I'll explain in a bit. Please watch these videos all the way through and click the link at the end. I need the money and I'm close to getting paid. Thanks guys.

So while scrambling to keep up with our unstoppable flow of bills, we managed to not get our cable/internet bill paid. So they shut off the internet, we still have cable, which I could care less about, it's nice, but I'll take basic TV and internet over 62 channels of crap any day. I'd rather pay only for the channels I want. Anyways, I have no idea how long it's going to be until I'm back online, so no surfing at home, which means no looking for who's hiring at home, and also no gaming online. Everyone have fun on Xbox Live without me, I'll miss it.

Hopefully we can get this all resolved very soon and I can get connected with the world again. Until then I still have AIM, MSN, and Yahoo on my phone, and I'll still update via twitter and update online in class while I can.

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