Friday, October 12, 2007

The Job Hunt

So I'm currently unemployed, my former manager took me off the schedule, didn't tell me why, and now the bastard won't answer my calls. I thought getting out and finding a job would be a simple affair, as always. Damn was I wrong.

What happened to the good ol' days of filling out a simple application, handing it to the manager, and getting an interview in the next few days... at least then and there they told you something. Now if I apply online, I not only fill out standard application information, I also answer a variety of senseless questions, and they usually don't contain a real world answer. Then we go to the interview.
I recently had an interview at Lowe's hardware, if you want to call it an interview. I applied online, got the phone call about a week later. I go in, meet a supervisor, she hands me a stack of papers and walks to the office, leaving me to fill out all this paperwork. After this is all done I get her attention to inform her I'm done. She then points to a computer to answer more questions... the same ones I already answered online. Forty-five minutes later I'm done, and says "OK, that's all we needed, if we have a position we'll call you". If you have a position? It's in the damn paper, of course you do. Last I knew an interview was to get to know someone, see if they'll fit in, not have them provide information that has already been given in the online application.

I got a call from At&T today about my job application there, I applied about two weeks ago online. We chatted for a bit, it's how these calls are supposed to go, then he said he has a lot of applications to go through, and would probably get back to me tomorrow. I already have an email that says in corporate speak "fuck you".

I remember being told "we just don't think you're right for the position"... what happened to that? I miss that, it's called honesty, and it gets more accomplished. Why can't I have a real interview? Why can't someone tell the truth? Why can't someone just hire me so I can provide for my family!?!

That's all I've got for the moment.

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