Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Well today is Blog Action Day. A day that bloggers have set aside to talk about preserving our planet. I think I'm just going to throw out some ideas for easy energy savings.

First off, go buy yourself a damn low flow shower head, you can get them for as cheap as $5, they feel great, give tons of pressure, are adjustable, and yo won't believe the energy savings you can see from it. If you have more than one shower in your home, you'll see the difference on your next bill, it will help with both electricity and water. It uses less water, hooray, and with using less water, that means less water that has to be heated, saving on electric! And by the way, take shorter showers.

Get some CFL (Compact Florescent Light) bulbs. They give off plenty of light, at a mere fraction of the energy. One 13 watt CFL will replace one 60 watt incandescent light. Think if you replaced every bulb in your home, and remembered to shut off the lights when you left the room. Sure the bulbs are more expensive to buy initially, but they about 5 years, let's see an incandescent bulb do that.

Turn down your water heater. Many, if I remember right, are set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you turn it down even 5 degrees, hell, let's turn it down to 120 or 115 degrees, you'll see a great benefit.

Instead of rinsing off your dishes, scrape them off. Air dry your dishes, if you use a dishwasher, make sure you only wash full loads, and that you use the Energy Saving air dry feature.

Do your laundry with cold water as much as possible.

Buy an electric hot pot, put water in it, heat up the proper amount, instant savings!

Hang your laundry out to dry, this isn't so applicable this time of year, unless you live on the coast somewhere, you guys are missing out on a great season.

There are tons more, just scroll up to the top of this page a do a search for energy saving tips or energy saving. Anything similar will work.

Turn your thermostat down a couple degrees in winter, and up a couple degrees in summer.

These things not only save energy and help the environment, they'll lower your bills, too!

I may be adding more to this, I'd like to see some comments on what you think, and ways you like to be more energy efficient.

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