Friday, February 8, 2008

In The Wee Hours...

Well it's Thursday, my first all nighter of the week. See, I work overnights Friday through Sunday, so I stay up all night Thursday to prepare myself. What do I usually do? Play games of course, and do a little cleaning up if the house needs it. It's hard finding a cool group of people to game with so late at night, most are Australian... no joke. The only person online on my Friends List is playing Call of Duty 4... and I don't have that game, which qualifies him as a dick, or me as a loser, tomato; tomahto.

Anyways, work has been going pretty good, I think most of the people like me, it pays well, and that's what matters.

I started a new term in school, we're covering Windows Server 2003... Me no likey Server. It's fun though, there's this cockbite in my class, I've discussed him before, long ago, he just bought a brand new notebook with Vista Ultimate. He's bragging because he can use DreamScene, and thought that you could only use Virtual PC on Ultimate.

Well, I got Virtual PC 2007 and have NO problems at all running Server 2003 on it, hell I can run XP, 98, or any other OS on it. I ran gOS on it just for fun. As for DreamScene, I just had to modify a few DLL's to get that up and running, and yes, it is the real DreamScene, not some third party application.

I got DD-WRT on my Linksys WRT-54G V5 awhile back, and now I've decided to overclock the router. It started at 200Mhz, then I upped it to 250Mhz and put a couple of heatsinks on it. Now I need to find my soldering iron so that I can get my cooling fan running internally and up it to 300Mhz. Since I've overclocked it I've noticed a huge difference in speed. I only use it as a wireless adapter for my 360, and it absolutely screams. Never any lag issues or slowdowns. Hell, when I connected by wire through my laptop it screamed.

I'm dying to get a new surround sound system. Mine is constantly getting worse. I've got one picked out, the perfect one... but I have to wait until bills are caught up, which shouldn't take long. I'll easily be able to afford it when I get my tax refund back.

We also have to get Ashley a new car, start saving for a house, and also start saving for a new TV.

Speaking of TV, I don't think it's right that the government can decide that analog signals will end and it's all going digital, but can't open up the mobile phone market. Why does AT&T only have the iPhone? Why does T-Mobile only have the Dash? Why does Sprint... aw, to hell with Sprint. Anyways, if I'm receiving a digital signal, I want to enjoy it, I don't want some shitty signal converter sucking up more electricity an downgrading the signal I'm getting.

That's enough updates, rants, raves, and contemplation for right now. Time to play Halo 3 with some Aussies, crikey!

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