Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas List.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm one expensive bastard.  It's hard to shop for me on a budget, I wish I wasn't, I wish it were easy for people to shop for me, and I wish it was easy for me to shop for everyone else... hell, I wish I could shop period.

I'm going to put up a list of some things, someone may get them for me, probably not, but here are my big hopes for this year.

Ashley would like a Pink Zune.

Ashley could also use a new car stereo since hers got stolen, anything is fine, preferably with CD and MP3 player support.

I would like a Black Zune, but I'd be fine with the cheaper Zune.

I'd also love a new surround sound system, actually just a receiver because mine is crapping out, and since it's so cheap (relatively speaking of course) I'd love this Pioneer Xbox360 themed system.

I know I'd love a pair of Heely's Shoes, I'd like them in either black or white, black would be everyday shoes, white I would try to wear at work... those 12 hour shifts would be much better with wheels under my feet.  White HeelysBlack Heelys.  I wear a 12, I know that site with the white ones has my size, I'm having trouble finding any black Heely's in my size.  I did my best to find them for cheap.

I've got pretty much the rest of the shopping taken care of, I don't really expect these things as it's quite pricey, but I just wanted to throw it out there... I know Ashley and I would both love the surround sound, my receiver cuts out so much it's ridiculous, it's hard to keep up with a movie when the sound is always cutting out.

I can't find much for cheap, perhaps a shirt or two from, along with the video calibration filter... I dunno, if you really want to know you'll have to ask me so I can think on it... I'll keep pondering for future reference.

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