Monday, October 8, 2007

FINALLY! An update!

So it's been awhile. Here's a quick rundown of recent events. I've asked Ashley to marry me and she said yes! We're currently looking at September of next year, but that may change. I got Halo 3, and GameStop screwed up my reservation. Instead of getting the $70 Collectors Edition I paid for, they gave me the $130 Legendary Edition... hell I'm not complaining. It's the greatest game I've played to date, I'll have pics, screenshots, videos, and a full review coming shortly. I know, I'm behind the curve on getting a Halo 3 review out, but I'm a busy busy guy.

I'm working on my Master Chief armor, I'll put up some new pics as soon as my new helmet is put together.

We're poor as crap, we'll be lucky if we're living here next month. The job market is crappy as hell, so now I'm asking a favor. I have a link here for my videos on Please go watch them, click on the ads afterwards, I'll get a little bit of money, they only payout after I've made $20, it's currently sitting at about $12.50, let's see if we can push that along. If anyone wants to donate some money, just ask me how or leave me contact info. There are other ways you can contribute, but the Terms of Use don't allow me to "convince" you to do it.

In looking at my analytics, I see that some of you are in Joplin, who the hell are you? I really want to know, are you a gamer? A nerd? Just stumble upon my little corner of the internets? Drop a comment and let me know what's going on.

When I have more time I promise I'll get some more goodies packed in here, sorry this isn't as action packed as I wanted it to be.

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