Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bring on Winter.

It's no secret: I love winter. Cold, snow, ice, Christmas, Christmas trees, Christmas songs, Christmas TV specials... can't get enough of it. So I'm ready for it.

It's kinda weird, here I am trying to enjoy Fall and I'm all geared up for Winter. I'm already planning on where the tree will go, where to put my little Christmas Carnival, what kind of wreath to buy, lights I want to get, the works.

I really can't wait until we have our own house. Ya know those little Christmas village things? Little houses and stores, little figurines skating on the iced over ponds... I've always wanted those. When we have a house, I'm getting tons of them... except for the damn Wal-Mart one. I'll have a huge table to pull out to set everything up and it will be wonderful. With any luck we'll have a fireplace with a big mantle I can put it all on.

I've got a birthday coming up, November 5th. It will be pretty slim though, all the money will go to bills, which will be nice to help get things caught up, but it's never fun to not get spoiled on a birthday.

I'm really hoping I can afford to go shopping on Black Friday this year. I've gone for the past two years and have come home with goodies both times. Problem is I have to find a damn job and nobody wants to hire me! I'm out almost everyday burning gas all over town filling out applications, and wasting a lot of my mobile minutes calling around to try to get a damn interview... nada. I really don't know what to do anymore.

Anyways, back on to good stuff. I have a pretty expensive Christmas list, it's not that I want a lot of things, it's just that stuff is expensive. I basically want a few games, a shirt or two, and a hoody of my choice. There are a few other items I can think of, but what can ya do? That's why Ashley and I are in college, so that later in life we can afford to live comfortably, provide well for ourselves, but to also be able to spoil Olivia, each other, and ourselves from time to time.

I'm trying to switch over to AT&T Yahoo DSL, but they don't service my address block for some reason, which is pretty damn silly, I practically live in the heart of town and I can't get service? Hell, I can't get a 6mb download for less that what I was paying CableOne for a 3mb download. Can't remember the upload numbers off the top of my head, but it has to be better than what CableOne was offering.

That's all I have right now, time to set outside while waiting for Ashley to get out of class. I'm hoping Spencer will get his ass over to my place sometime so we can work on making a podcast.

I'm tempted to stop writing blog entries and just upload photos, and then update about me via Twitter... but big posts like this make me think otherwise. Oh conundrums... they never cease in any form do they?

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