Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well we're broke. We've been broke for some time now actually, but it hurts more each day. The cable/internet bill is late, my final bill with Sprint is late, my AT&T bill will almost be late. We'll be lucky to cover insurance, rent, and electricity.

Our Internet Service Provider decided to raise the internet rates. So I'm going to see if we can get out of our contract and at least cancel cable for awhile, internet is so much more useful than cable. I can apply for a job online, see if friends know who's hiring, play games, and we can get pretty much all the TV shows we watch online.

Cable probably just takes away quality time. Don't get me wrong, I like watching tv, especially Adult Swim, but we need to save every bit of money we can. When we can afford it again, we'll probably go with satellite, we can get a good satellite deal here that's cheaper.

I've already cut back everything on my phone plan, we're about to cut back Ashley's, I'm going to downgrade my internet speed, I'll really only suffer on download, the upload is pathetic no matter what I do. We're saving every bit of money we come across. We're making more tea and juice than ever. We don't have to pay for water at our apartment, so we filter it and stock up.

Job hunting isn't doing a damn thing for us. I'm applying everywhere, and calling back, but nobody wants to call me. I'm tempted to go out and start picking up change in parking lots and sitting on the side of the road with a sign. Unlike most "homeless" people (If you're so damn broke how can you afford that new radio!), my sign will read intelligently: "Job market sucks, need to feed my family". Clean, simple, honest.

I am going to have to start donating plasma though. It's about $50 a week, and that's alot of money for someone who's always spending money they don't have just to survive.

Great, now to top it all off I have a friend bragging about his new pair of Heely's. Ya know, those shoes with wheels in them... yes, I'm a nerd, and a big kid at heart, so you're damn straight I want a pair! I couldn't afford shoes if they were a penny a pair. I'm hoping for some for my birthday... damn, was that dorky or what?

Seems that's all for today, maybe more later today since I'm bored at work and it's only 8:30 am... way too early for me. Perhaps I'll post more tomorrow while I'm at work, the world may never know!

.... Now that I think about it, the world will have to know sometime, I mean if I post later today, BAM, the world knows, and if I don't post tomorrow, the world will stillk now, since there won't be any updates. Will I post or not? OOOOOOOH... the suspense!

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