Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Crackdown Addict

Crackdown, I reviewed it in my first blog post, the game should be renamed to just Crack. It's that damn addicting. I've beaten the game on the easiest difficulty setting, and now I'm looking for the orbs. Orbs let you power up. There are agility orbs, which will make you jump higher and run faster, there are 500, I have about 490, and I can't find anymore. They're usually on top of tall buildings, and they glow bright green.

There are also hidden orbs. These glow blue, and are in hard to reach or shadowy places. I have roughly 160 out of 300.

Let's not forget stunt rings while I'm thinking about it. These are purple rings you drive a vehicle through to increase your driving skill. There are 39, and I've got maybe 10.

This is the part of the game that keeps people playing forever, and the mayhem involved in co-op. Some of these rings are incredibly hard, requiring you to find a ramp truck, which is, as the name states, a truck with large ramp on the back of it. You see these trucks all the time when you're doing something else, but when you really want one, you can't find it. The main issue is you have to drive an Agency vehicle to this stunt ring, then wander all over the city to find a ramp truck, then remember how to get back to your vehicle.

The reason this is hard is because you will search all over the damn place in pursuit of a ramp truck, when you finally get it, it's a pain to drive. The back end scrapes on every little bump, it handles like a hippopotamus trying to maneuver an obstacle course in quicksand, and it's as slow as the kid who used to sit next to you in school with his finger knuckle deep in his nose. But it is possible, just a pain in the ass.

This game is way too much fun for me, I really can't get enough of it. I'm finally about to start it on a harder difficulty. Single player has slowed down, so I need to get back into the missions. Due to the gaming community I'm part of, there is a league of some games, and my game time usually is on their schedule, meaning I don't have many friends to play with at those times. When the league is over I'll be all over co-op.

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